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  • Has the product been engineered?
    Yes, the system has been engineered to the building code of Australia. We can send through documentation if required.
  • Can I build over my existing tiles / concrete?
    Yes, you can build on any hard surface, if you a building out from a doorway you need to have the minimum set down of 110mm ground to top of the deck board.
  • Can I build steps
    Yes, using droppers - download our installation guide for more information.
  • How often should I oil Marbau panels?
    We suggest twice per year, once before the hot season start and once after has finished.
  • Do I need a permit to build a Good Times deck?
    As the product is technically removable and not concreted into the ground you should not need a permit. It is however dependant on your local council, if you are unsure it is best to contact them directly.
  • Can I build over a soft surface?
    Yes, you will need to put a concrete paver under each support - remove the grass or any lose organic material and ensure a firm compact surface to place the paver.
  • Can I cut the frame down?
    Yes, the frames can be cut down. The modular frames using panels are best cut down to suit a whole panel size. Alternativley we have a custom frame option which works with long length decking.
  • What size pavers do I need?
    300x300x40mm Concrete Paver.
  • Do I need to oil the panels?
    Merbau will need a coat of decking oil. Pine and Ekodeck do not require any treatments.
  • Do the supports or pavers need to be fixed to the ground?
    No, the system is engineered to be free standing and is secure under its own weight.
  • Do I need 4 feet/supports per base frame kit?
    No, you only need 1 Foot or Support per intersection of joining frames (2 or 4 joining frames). Download our installation guide for more information.

Find answers in our FAQ section, based on what clients often ask, to guide you on your journey with Good Times Decking.

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For more information and assistance on how Good Times Decking works, please download the brochures below.

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