System uses our pre-fab Base Frames, Decking Panels & Adjustable Supports

No digging holes

Only basic tools required

Effortless assembly

BCA Compliant


Pre-assembled & shipped to your local Bunnings store

Perfect for laying long length decking with 450mm joist centres

Build over existing slabs or waterproofed areas

Pre-engineered with self-leveling supports

BCA Compliant

Quality guarantee

Zero defect decking system


Only available at

Bunnings Modular DIY Decking

How to build a timber deck.

Modular decking system made for trades people.

Deck for Alfresco slabs and first floor terraces!

Pre-fab decking for trade available Bunnings

Make your own deck.

Good Times Modular decking kits.

Decking Bunnings.

Easy to make cheap decking.

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How to build a deck Easy to build DIY decking system available at Bunnings. Out door wooden decking great style and cost effective.

Ideal cost effective wooden decking system for trades people. Fast assemble minimal tools. No digging foundations.

Pre-fabricated modular base frame kit designed to the Building Code of Australia. Made from structural grade clear treated pine. Modules can be easily joined and sit on a variety of adjustable support components to enable retrofitting into any existing area without digging any holes or damaging waterproofing membranes.

The Good Times modular deck system can be installed directly onto any existing surface. Simply construct the pre-fabricated frames, fit the supports and adjust heights to match uneven surfaces. Then insert the pre-fabricated deck panels. Use a concrete paver when positioning over soft surfaces

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